Pioneer of British Pop

Britain's first TV pop show

Santa would look just like Vince

Marty Wilde, Vince and Cliff Richard

Cruise Director Vince

the early years

talks and slide presentations

Oh Boy TV Show 1958

"You're Never Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll"

Big Jim Sullivan,  Chas McDevitt & Vince

Recording "Bird Dog" with Marty

Vince & Big Jim Sullivan

Vince's Entertainments Team

Girls queue outside the 2i's Coffee Bar

If he didn't have a beard,

The infamous birthday present!

Type casting?

birthday onstage in Helsinki

Danny Williams, Bob Miller & The Ponitails,

The boys proudly displaying their

Flatmates Vince & Billy cooking up a storm!

"Vince Eager's Rock 'n' Roll Files"

Many say "the best rock 'n' roll TV show ever!"

The start of five fun years!

The Vagabonds as Robin's Merry Men

Chinese policeman Vince adds the

Vince, Bobby Knutt, Duncan Norville,

Vince visits  Eddie Cochran's

in the World Skiffle Championship

television by Colin Paterson

Leiber & Stoller fame. Elvis's songsmiths!

the long distance runner...Gordon Pirie.

Celebrating 70 with wife Anette

Filling the dance floor!

Serenading the chorus

on Canadian TV in Toronto

Girlie magazine centre page pin up!

Her Majesty's Theatre Brisbane

A triumphant return to

He's behind you Vince!

Dickie Pride outside St Martin's Hospital Bath

Drumbeat cast Adam Faith, Vince,  John Barry

A Suspicious Vegas finale

If it's Saturday night? it's Drumbeat!

Vince and Micky Finch (Norman Wisdom)

Signing copies at the book launch of

Gordon Pirie turning into Elvis?

Vince with his beloved boxer Sue

Vince's first 6-5 Special appearance

With young Elvis, JJ McLean

A Parnes' show poster

Back at the 2i's.

their first HMV demo record

When the perm went wrong!

Over Age Popstar!

Do You Mind?

Daughter Debbie with Vince

Tour manager Anette and

"Do You Mind" - sitting on my knee?

Sad headlines

There's no arm in it! Says Capt Rhaditsas

They "Ain't Misbehavin'"

The Harmonica Vagabonds

Vince with his best pal Sluggy

Capitol Theatre Sydney

Vince and his good pal Tommy Bruce

Wakefield Theatre Club

Vince celebrates his 76th

Vince performing with Mike Stoller of

The Vagabonds Skiffle Group

Vince, Larry Parnes & Billy Fury

the rock 'n' roll years

The TV All Stars Football Team inc. Vince,

Britain's greatest ever rock 'n' roll tour!

Singer, Raconteur, Author
Public Speaker, Broadcaster,.,

RSPCA Trustee

filming "Sons and Lovers"

The repercussions!

Taking a well deserved break whilst

Vince at Churchill's Night Club

Vince's first panto role as Simple Simon

Recording with Chas Hodges

The Vagabonds 50th Anniversary

Lonnie's last ever performance 2003

with a gold disc for "Rockabilly Dinosaur"

Being interviewed for BBC Breakfast

Amsterdam 1980

Pipped to the post by Anthony

James Burton, Vince & Albert Lee.

Chas Hodges, Vince, Norma Sullivan, Dave

Glasgow Pavilion1980

Vince giving one of his three

Sheffield Gaumont with Eddie & Gene

Always a country boy at heart!

Norm Riley, Billy Fury, Larry Parnes, Vince 

Inside the 2i's Coffee Bar

It's safer going solo!

Roy, Vince & "Licorice"

 names of the chorus line to his note book

Marty & Vince singing "Bird Dog"

Tommy Steele, Michael Cox, Jess Conrad

Vince presenting his radio show

Long enough legs for a rocker?

Entertaining the troops in Libya

as an eleven year old puppeteer!

New suit and new guitar

performing Three Cool Cats on Oh Boy!

A crew cut like his boyhood hero

Vince & The Clockwork Toys

The first guitar.

The Capitol Theatre - Sydney

Vince's disasterous Eurovision

Paul Shane, Simon Taylor, Donna Hartley,

Dougie Brown, Tommy Cannon, Sid Little

Vince, Bruce Welch, Marty Wilde

Ready for American Trilogy

One year old Vince

Part One of Vince's presentations,

the O A P

Royal Alexandra Theatre Toronto

Billy Fury's mum Jean presents Vince

The offending Eurovision suit!

On the train bound for London

Vince's first fans were big brother

Celebrating 70 with sons Simon & Christie

   their hometown fans!

The legendary 1960 Great Yarmouth show

The Vagabonds 60th Anniversary

and Clem Cattini bid farewell to Big Jim Sullivan

Arriving at the 2i's Coffee Bar

The 2i's audition

Vince's first venture into entertainment

cabaret to cruising

"Licorice " Locking, Marty Wilde, Brian Bennett

One of the perks of the job!

Vince or Joe 90?

Promoting "It's Only Make Believe"

Clem Cattini, Sue Magregor & Terry Dene

Vince & Micky - 30 years later!

Monomatapa Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe

On BBC TV in 1957 in the

Billy, Vince, Davy Jones and fans

and big sister Jean

 memorial at St Martin's Hospital Bath

Always happy around animals

John, Mick & John