Vince's Book Reviews

"Don't read it on a train because you'll laugh so much the other passengers will think you are a nutter!”
Roger Twiggy Day: BBC Radio South East

Eager's book is a priceless worm's-eye view of the dawn of UK rock.
Danny Eccleston: MOJO Magazine

Vince Eager has a tour bus full of tales to tell, and tell them he certainly does in this sparkling collection of wit, wisdom and wonderful insights into the crazy world of pop stardom. If ever there was a showbiz book to savour, this is the one.
Harry Whitehouse: Newark Advertiser

'A 230 page gem. Pick a page and you'll never put it down'.
Brian Martin: Stamford Mercury

Vince Eager's Rock 'n' Roll Files undoubtedly succeeds in its aim of providing a coffee table style book that through tales, photos, and cartoon drawings recounts what it was like to be one of Britain's pioneering pop idols'.
Chris Woodford: Now Dig This Magazine

'Hilarious!... a wonderful collection of tall tales'!
Andy Smart: Nottingham Evening Post

John Pinchbeck: The Grantham Journal

'The answer may well be that he was collecting more material for his book, because he has so many funny stories and anecdotes from right the way across his career that should he decide that writing rather than singing was his true metier, then I will be in the queue for his next book'
John Howard: UK Rock Magazine

Vince's book is a delight for fans of pop nostalgia'.
Peter Grant: Liverpool Echo

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Rockabilly Dinosaur - Don't Tell Me Your Troubles - Blue Ribbon Baby - The Worrying Kind - I'm Coming Home - My Adobe Hacienda - I'm Movin' On - Lend Me Your Comb - Lonely Island Pearl - I'm Ready - Cast Iron Arm - Modern Romance

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You're Never Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll - Fabulous - Baby Blue Bird Dog - Soda Pop Pop - Three Steps To Heaven - Lonely Weekend - Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do - No Other Baby

No Love Have I - Buzz Buzz Buzz - Mean Woman Blues

Vince interview - Bird Dog (Acoustic)

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  • Bird Dog2:33

£10.00 + £1.80 p&p

Pioneer of British Pop

  • Fire Down Below3:43

  • Five Days Five Days2:21

Singer, Raconteur, Author
Public Speaker, Broadcaster,.,

RSPCA Trustee

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Watch Yourself - Boppin in a Sack - Jelo Sal - Black Slacks  Brand New Cadillac - Don't Mess With My Toot Toot - Fire Down Below - Louisiana Gambler
El Camino Real - Gumdrop - Such a Night

Summertime Blues

Vince's CD Selection


A double CD featuring 64 tracks of Vince's early years of recording

including Five Days - Heavenly - The World's Loneliest Man -This Should Go On Forever - Gumdrop - Buzz Buzz Buzz - It's Only Make Believe - No More - Say Mama - Yes Tonight Josephine